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High precision work on-site
to make sure you actually know what you hear


We delivery all our products to the final listening destination in Germany

This includes transportation to the top floor, correct positioning within the given room, wiring as well as tips and tricks for your specific listening environment. What use are the best speakers if they cannot unfold their full potential due to false positioning or inadequate adjustment to the specific environment?

Our credo is to leave the customer only when he is 100% satisfied and happy with his new system. This includes acoustic measuring right at the hot spot. If desired we can optimize the results by analog altering our zero order filters which enable us to influence the frequency response of every single driver without altering the other drivers. We can take care of peaks, room modes, damping issues and so on. This is done via exchanging parts within the signal path without altering the phase of the loudspeaker system. We also have the ability to fine-tune the tonation of the voice. Which other loudspeaker manufacturer offers such a service and takes such high efforts to make sure their products work spot on? We think this should be self-evident ...


Acoustic optimization of your environment/listening room

Back in the days on thought of monstrous panels, ugly, studio equipment when the name "acoustic panel" was mentioned. Nothing one would like to have in their living room! However, especially in modern apartments and houses such acoustic treatments are absolute necessary. Hard surfaces like glass, concrete, naked walls and floors reflect the sound and create distortion and resonances. No loudspeaker will function satisfying in such an environment.

A possible solution are state-of-the art acoustic panels, which integrate perfectly into a given environment. In the surrounTec™ network we have little studios in which such panels receive custom artistic decoration and obscuration. It´s even possible to apply gold or silver to the panels! The result is a piece of art which leaves the impression of an artwork and will not disturb the harmony in your listening room.


A few words regarding the correct positioning of a speaker within a given room:

Monitors in mixing and mastering rooms don’t usually act in a symbiotic way with the room (or the room acoustics) or the equipment, which usually is located within the direct or indirect sounding field. A room is defined by its volume and thus by the correlated time of reverberation, its materials (they influence the devolution of the time of reverberation), its own room modes and by its build in racks and (mixing) consoles or other furniture.

This yields that the product specification of any monitor is not the key – it´s its frequency-response characteristic within its room of usage! Ideally its frequency-response-curve at the hot spot(s!).

It’s well known that the human brain can compensate errors and distortions created by the speakers. The brain “knows” how a certain instrument should sound in nature. However, the interpretation and correction of the heard audio signal creates "brain-load" and thus stress.

Long hearing sessions with a non-linear monitoring, or in a room with loads of modes, or with a speaker which distorts, etc ... leads to early exhaustion and to the acoustical brain death. Whilst listening the uncertainty whether the production will sound good later increases as well.

Also the movement of the ears out of the sweet spot (left and right as well as forward and backward whilst making adjustments) yields a change of what’s being heard at many monitoring systems. The sound picture changes as you move your head around.

Locating and mapping precision suffer if the step response or the delay of a decentralized subwoofer is not timed correctly. All those deficiencies cause stress & reduce the fun – but they are usually not recognized because you simply don’t know what you hear!

That is why every surrounTec system is measured at the sweet spot by an application engineer using a calibrated Bruel&Kjaer PULSE System with a ½“ free field-MIC at 3 different listening spots.


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acoustic panel with custom finish acoustic panels for the living room