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„In order for a loudspeaker tripod to work effectively, the mass of the stand should be
at least 2.5 times the mass of the monitor which sits on it.“ “ Berndt Bauer


Individual loudspeaker stands made from steel, powder coated or hand-polished

Loudspeaker stands have two elementary functions: to act as a height correction in form of a foundation to adapt the acoustical centers of the tweeter to the height of the ear (about 1.25m below the floor). Also, and by far more important, good stands take over the function of abolishing any solid-borne sounds (decoupling from the floor) vertically as well as horizontally. What does this imply in detail?

The height correction is a relatively easy thing to do. We do it with our electrically powered stand [:base] where you can adjust the height with the press of a button (between 750mm and 1.250mm). The inclination can also be adjusted by 15°. We manufacture our acoustic stand [:column] according to your specific height and inclination requirements. The number of columns is a result of the size & weight of the monitor to be put on top.

To abolish solid-borne sounds requires some know-how. It´s not about decoupling, damping or coupling but the active process of transferring sounds energy into thermal energy. Some background information: every loudspeaker cabinet vibrates in three dimensions: horizontally, vertically and sideways. This is caused by the backlash of the chassis movement and by the change of the air pressure within the cabinet (balloon effect) during the diaphragm movement. So the cabinet acts as many tiny loudspeakers and thus alters the playback coming from the chassis. The "sound" of the speaker worsens.

surrounTec™ stands are designed that they take over the vibrations AND forward them away from the monitor on top into the ground. Whilst traveling through the columns the vibrations are transferred into heat. Get in touch with us, we are glad to design the monitor base to suite your individual requirements and surrounding.


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